3 min readDec 12, 2020



In an age where the benefits of CBD are becoming more and more accepted, there are many companies that are trying their hand at incorporating CBD into their products. Pure Genesis LLC, however, has taken things a step further and is revolutionizing the industry completely with something that has never been seen before-a CBD wine cooler! This New Jersey based company is led by Faye Coleman.

Faye is a strategic leader who thrives in challenging situations, including complex negotiations, international business and acquisitions, new business process implementation, and workforce sustainability. Before launching Pure Genesis, LLC, Faye began her agile career successfully serving in diverse leadership capacities with Kraft General Foods, Campbell Soup, and Vlasic Foods International. As a creative business partner and respected team builder, Faye successfully transitioned into retail leadership with the Home Depot, Target, and CVS Pharmacy where she led significant market teams to drive business excellence through global go-to-market strategies, supply chain optimization and customer engagement. Today Faye serves as a multi-state cannabis operator, educator and consultant offering safe, quality-driven, and efficacious products and services, with community first and business-centric engagement.

PG Fire (a subsidiary of Pure Genesis LLC) teamed up with Nicole Hardy and the 1925 Consulting team to bring this vision to life and create “GENESIS INFUSED”- the Future of Happy Hour!

Genesis Infused is the perfect blend of a crisp traditional wine cooler with the added benefits of CBD. These beverages are 100% THC free and contain no psychoactive ingredients; just pure relaxation! These lightly carbonated beverages come in 3 flavors:

Genesis Signature (50mg of CBD), Genesis Euphoria (30mg of CBD) and Genesis Elite (100mg of CBD). The flavor spectrum features something for everyone from the sweetest…Genesis Euphoria…to the boldest…Genesis Elite…to a unique “middle of the road” with Genesis Signature.

In case you’re wondering where and how you might be able to get your hands on a bottle of Genesis, here’s the plug…1925 Consulting has organized exclusive tasting events at the following locations:

12/11/20- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

12/18/20- Richmond, VA

Long Beach, CA- Miss New Booty LA (tasting available to clients only) @MissNewBootyLA

12/19/20- Dallas, TX- Celebrity Toy Drive hosted by Influencer/Actor- Antonio Diego (Invite Only Event) @antoniodiego_live

12/19/20- Atlanta, GA

There will be one thousand bottles available for tasting during this period. Should you be one of the persons to have the opportunity to experience Genesis during this pre-launch, consider yourself lucky! Everyone else will have to wait for the Genesis Infused Official Launch in February/March 2021. For more information on tasting events, pre-orders or how your restaurant/lounge can carry Genesis Infused, please visit www.GenesisInfused.com.