Mompreneur Majidah Muhammad Is Elevating The Home School Experience For Thousands Of Toddlers After Launching “The Learning Cove”.

2 min readAug 26, 2020


In times such as these, Majidah is certainly a woman to know! Faced with the educational uncertainty of 2020, Majidah began looking for dynamic ways to keep her 2 children engaged in learning while dealing with the pandemic and forced home confinement (Covid-19). Majidah decided to create customized work binders for her 2-year-old and 6-year-old that taught them a variety of fundamentals in a creative way. After sharing photos on social media of her kids enjoying their binders, Majidah was inundated with inquiries from other parents to create binders for their children. Thus the Elevated Learning Binder was born and Majidah’s newest venture “The Learning Cove” came to life.

With a suite of uniquely designed products including The Elevated Learning Binder, Play Pack Therapy Boxes, and The TeacherSwap Platform (scheduled to launch January 2021), The Learning Cove has quickly been pushing their way to the top of the list of black-owned educational products and has teamed up with black woman-owned consulting firm 1925 Consulting to help scale their offerings to meet the demand. In the last 4 months, thousands of children have been able to take part of the elevated learning experience with their Elevated Learning Binders.

“ As marginalized people there’s so much that we’ve already missed out on. My goal is to use The Learning Cove to push the minds of our black youth and prepare them for greatness from an early age. Our products have 3 and 4 years olds understanding concepts that are typically geared towards 7+ year olds. Elevation is the name of the game!” -Majidah Muhammad

The Learning Cove is determined to make sure that even low income students are able to take part in the elevated learning experience and this is done through their Binder Fund. The Binder Fund was created to raise money to donate Elevated Learning Binders to inner city schools and low income families. Majidah and The Learning Cove’s main goal is to spark a love of learning in Black children and to make sure that spark never dies.

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