Omni Transport Luxury is Leading the Pack as Birmingham, Alabama’s Number One Luxury Transportation Service.

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3 min readOct 8, 2022


We see that Omni Transportation has been in business over 7 years …What sparked the start of a chauffeur service in Birmingham, Alabama?

We wanted to bring luxury to the transportation scene in Birmingham. There were dozens of chauffeured services available before Omni arrived but it was our founder’s foresight that allowed us to carve our niche long before many were able to appreciate what was coming. We never intended to reinvent the wheel; however, we did create a demand for luxury/exotic vehicles in an otherwise monotonous market.

There are over 10 luxury transportation services in The City of Birmingham, Alabama… yet Omni ranks at number 2…how does your business continue to set itself apart amongst your competitors?

Let’s set the record straight, Omni Transport Luxury is the number 1 ranked, premiere luxury chauffeured service in Birmingham, AL. When it comes to corporate and luxury transportation, our clients prefer our selection of foreign cars and SUVs over domestic vehicles. They also appreciate the special details that we provide in order to safeguard their transfer.

For those that don’t know ,Walk potential new customer through the experience of what it feels like to be chauffeured?

From the moment they reach our reservations line, our clients feel the Omni difference. Our brand is luxury so we pride ourselves on delivering a comfortable and seamless transfer. Our suite of accommodations even includes Concierge service and private security. Clients range from CEOs to professional athletes and music artists so they all value the discretion that comes from booking their trip with Omni.

Any new locations to come?

We will not be opening any additional brick and mortars in the near future but having affiliates reach out from abroad to arrange services has established Omni’s international footprint.

As Omni Transportation continues to accomplish so much, what is the company most proud of?

The relationships we’ve built throughout this journey have become our most invaluable source of pride. During the pandemic, huge portions of our sector saw a decline and some companies weren’t able to sustain or bounce back but we experienced exponential growth. I can only attribute that to years of cultivating a strong network.

How can our readers keep up to date with Omni Transportation on social media?

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @OmniTransportLux and of course find us on the web at